she-suite community podcast

with Melissa Dawn Simkins

she-suite community podcast

with Melissa Dawn Simkins

The She Suite Community with LAUNCHING Wednesday, September 15th

A safe space for leading women to level up together and share stories, secret strategies and life lessons on the road to building a remarkable personal brand.

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The She-Suite Community Podcast is a space for candid conversations with leading women who would otherwise live in separate worlds, but come together for a common cause to lead with purpose and profit. Our guests rewrite the rules of life and leadership by defining their own brand of success.


Each shares their own “secret sauce” and lessons learned in owning their voice, and living their life on their terms. We convene to share, support and strategize for how to do it differently. New episodes will be released biweekly, featuring applicable and thought-provoking content for both men and women seeking to better their brand, and responsibly build their Mission, Vision, and Purpose.


She Suite Community Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1

Sep 15, 2020
Your podcast host, Melissa Dawn Simkins, walks through her vision for the podcast, and why establishing your personal brand journey can be one of the most important things that you do for yourself, today.

how to negotiate so everyone wins

Episode 2

Sep 15, 2020
Julie Spencer Washington, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Trinity Health joins Melissa to talk about discovering her voice as a woman of color, & creating her own story to define a path of success.

how to negotiate so everyone wins

Episode 3

Sep 29, 2020
Ron Shapiro joins me in Episode 3 to share his simple playbook on how to negotiate for exactly what you want. Listen as we break down some tips on how you can get your worth, and never sell yourself short.

creating an uncluttered life

Episode 4

October 13th, 2020
Does this year have you struggling with organization, or feeling overwhelmed with clutter across your workspace, home - or even your mind? Organizing Expert, Rachel Rosenthal, is rooted in the belief that organization can be achieved by all, and she has the tips and systems to back it up.

protecting your wealth she suite podcast

Episode 5

October 26th, 2020
My husband Will and I discuss the challenges and the joys of life partnership, and the struggles that we have endured as a couple. We also dig deep into what it means to have a vision for your value, and how to make investments now that will pay it forward with future stability.

Diane Dietz

Episode 6

November 10th 2020
Diane Dietz, previous colleague and now the CEO and President of Rodan + Fields. When it comes to leadership, and growing your personal brand… Diane is a wealth of deep, dynamic knowledge that you won’t want to overlook.

kim dolan leto creating your brand

Episode 7

November 23rd, 2020
Kim Dolan Leto is a Best Selling Author, Brand Founder & Developer, Host of the Strong.Confident.His.Podcast, and more. She joins me to share her story and tips around developing your OWN brand on your terms, no matter what that might look like

align your passions cara sabin

Episode 8

December 8th, 2020
CEO of Sundial Brands, Cara Sabin, joins me to tell her story and journey, how she moved into her current CEO role, and how she has truly defined down her sense of purpose as a woman in business.

social legacy emily chang

Episode 9

December 21st, 2020
This week, guest Emily Chang joins me from Shanghai, China. Emily is the CEO of McCann Worldgroup, China, and has quite the story to share in regards to how she got where she is, and how that time has shaped her own leadership and life identity.

the power of choice lucy puttergill

Episode 10

January 4, 2021
Lucy Puttergill joins Melissa from London, England to share her story, and why she chose to step away from her successful job in finance last year. Her honest and transparent story has something for every women to walk away with!

Episode 11

January 18, 2021
When Bracken Darrell first stepped into his role as CEO and President of Logitech in 2013, he had a unique and aggressive vision of transforming it into a design-driven company. At that time profits and performance were low, and expectations were high.

what matters most anitra marsh procter gamble

Episode 12

February 8, 2021
My long-time friend, Anitra Marsh, joins me today to talk through so many deep and vulnerable life-related topics. From work-life balance and blend, to career challenges and advancements, we cover it all

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