she-suite community podcast

with Melissa Dawn Simkins

she-suite community podcast

with Melissa Dawn Simkins

The She Suite Community with LAUNCHING Wednesday, September 15th

A safe space for leading women to level up together and share stories, secret strategies and life lessons on the road to building a remarkable personal brand.

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The She-Suite Community Podcast is a space for candid conversations with leading women who would otherwise live in separate worlds, but come together for a common cause to lead with purpose and profit. Our guests rewrite the rules of life and leadership by defining their own brand of success.


Each shares their own “secret sauce” and lessons learned in owning their voice, and living their life on their terms. We convene to share, support and strategize for how to do it differently. New episodes will be released biweekly, featuring applicable and thought-provoking content for both men and women seeking to better their brand, and responsibly build their Mission, Vision, and Purpose.


She Suite Community Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1

Sep 15, 2020
Your podcast host, Melissa Dawn Simkins, walks through her vision for the podcast, and why establishing your personal brand journey can be one of the most important things that you do for yourself, today.

creating an uncluttered life

Episode 4

October 13th, 2020
Does this year have you struggling with organization, or feeling overwhelmed with clutter across your workspace, home - or even your mind? Organizing Expert, Rachel Rosenthal, is rooted in the belief that organization can be achieved by all, and she has the tips and systems to back it up.

how to negotiate so everyone wins

Episode 2

Sep 15, 2020
Julie Spencer Washington, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Trinity Health joins Melissa to talk about discovering her voice as a woman of color, & creating her own story to define a path of success.

how to negotiate so everyone wins

Episode 3

Sep 29, 2020
Ron Shapiro joins me in Episode 3 to share his simple playbook on how to negotiate for exactly what you want. Listen as we break down some tips on how you can get your worth, and never sell yourself short.

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