Episode 12 | What Matters Most: On Living Life Abundantly & Intentionally

what matters most anitra marsh procter gamble

What Matters Most: On Living Life Abundantly & Intentionally

Can you believe it? This is the final episode of Season 1 of the She-Suite Community podcast. I hope you’ve been enjoying this journey, and learning through our new episodes along the way. I have a special treat for Episode 12…


My long-time friend, Anitra Marsh, joins me today to talk through so many deep and vulnerable life-related topics. From work-life balance and blend, to career challenges and advancements, we cover it all. But most of all, we dig into how you can focus on what matters most within your own life, helping you to live more intentionally and find clarity in the process. 


4:05: How Melissa & Anitra first met.

– 8:35: How Anitra manages to balance her work and life passions, and has created healthy boundaries. 

– 14:12: How and why Anitra decided to take a sabbatical from work.

– 18:20: Anitra’s mission statement, and how she has kept herself centered. 

– 23:28: On enjoying the process of truly experiencing life. 

– 29:40: Anitra’s career & progression with Procter & Gamble.

– 35:24: On sharing vulnerability and the power of that.

– 38:40: Realizing the important of finding passion within your career.

– 44:30: Anitra’s secret sauce to her personal brand.

what matters most anitra marsh procter gamble

Anitra Marsh is the director of global sustainability, citizenship, and brand communications for P&G’s iconic skin care and personal care brands. She was appointed sustainability and citizenship leader shortly after being named communications leader to improve the environmental and social impact of P&G’s skin and personal care brands. In this role, she leads a multi-functional team of dedicated and passionate employees committed to responsible beauty practices across packaging, ingredients, supply chain, and community development. 


In her free time, Anitra enjoys traveling, writing, and cooking. For more information on how she brings these three passions together, you can check out her personal Instagram page here


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Episode 11 | Lessons on Leadership: The Power of Design-Driven Thinking To Transform Companies & Careers

CEO logitech Bracken Darrell

EP11. The Power of Design-Driven Thinking To Transform Companies & Careers

True leadership is a skill that is difficult to come by, yet one that can be both learned and refined with time.  This week, President & CEO of Logitech Bracken Darrell joins me to talk about his leadership journey, from his student council days, through the many businesses that he’s transformed and worked with across the years. 



When Bracken first stepped into his role with Logitech, he approached it with a very strategic, design-drive mindset on how to turn the direction of the company around, with a specific long-term vision in mind. Tune in as he walks through how he did just that, taking Logitech through a very strategic shift towards success, with a company that is now worth 15 times more than when he first started.



5:07: What shaped Bracken’s leadership style early on. 

– 7:45: The true power of goal-setting across your life. 

– 13:00: The role of coaching to help mid-level leaders.

– 17:30: Bracken’s reinvention of Logitech, and his design-drive approach.

– 22:00: The path that Logitech is on to become a design company. 

– 25:10: On driving change within a company. 

– 30:24: On leading your team by example.

– 34:38: Bracken’s commitment to make a bigger difference with Logitech. 

– 40:05: What Bracken would say to his younger self. 

When Bracken first hired the company’s first design director and emphasized new product categories, such as Bluetooth speakers and gaming peripherals, he spotted room for growth. The bet paid off, and Logitech quadrupled profits and multiplied its stock value by a factor of five in the 2017 fiscal year compared with the year before. In 2018 they won a dozen design awards at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In 2019 they won three Fast Company design awards.


And as recently as March, 2020 Fast Company named Logitech to its Top 10 Innovative Companies list for design. Since Bracken’s arrival at the company, they have reinvented Logitech with both great design and great engineering.


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Episode 10 | The Power Of Choice: On Stepping Back & Recreating Your Life

the power of choice lucy puttergill

Episode 10: The Power Of Choice: On Stepping Back & Recreating Your Life

Happy 2021! To kick off this brand new year, I’m excited to share an episode with someone who I happened to meet through the internet. A few months ago, I happen to stumble upon Lucy Puttergill’s article on why she left her successful job in finance, and what her plans were moving forward. 


Her words of honesty and transparency struck me, I was instantly moved, and I knew she would be a great guest who so many of our listeners can relate too, on various levels. Listen in as Lucy joins me from London, England, to share more about her ‘why’, the choices she has recently made, and what she plans to do with her life moving forward. 


– 4:10: Lucy’s story and background growing up.  

– 6:30: The ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and how it shaped Lucy’s decisions. 

– 11:30: The unintended consequences of people pleasing.

– 13:35: What led Lucy to step back, and ask herself the hard questions.

– 18:02: The untalked about coping mechanism of succeeding.  

– 20:25: Lucy’s progression to deciding to leave her job.

– 25:10: Advice for seeking clarity within your life and potential changes. 

– 29:10: Where Lucy is now after leaving her job, and giving herself space. 

– 34:30: Options to transform your life, even if you can’t leave your job. 


the power of choice lucy puttergill

Since leaving her career, Lucy has spent time exploring herself, writing, meeting others on the same path as her, and learning about new topics that she’s passionate about. To read more of her thoughts, you can follow her on Medium


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Episode 9 | Defining Your Social Legacy & Living With Authentic Purpose

social legacy emily chang

Episode 9: Defining Your Social Legacy & Living With Authentic Purpose

Welcome back! This week, my guest Emily Chang joins me from across the world in Shanghai, China. Emily is the CEO of McCann Worldgroup, China, and has quite the story to share in regards to her personal journey, and how she has shaped her own personal brand and identity. 

Listen in to learn more about building social legacies, dancing to life’s rhythm, personal brand management, and so much more…

– 4:50: How Emily first started in Brand Management 

– 8:10: How Emily’s life journey has shaped who she is now as a leader

– 9:40: More about Emily’s Social Legacy Project & road to writing her book The Spare Room. 

– 13:28: A synopsis of The Spare Room and Emily’s hope for it.

– 19:35: A typical day in the life for Emily. 

– 24:30: Ways you can protect your time and balance your life.

– 25:50: Specific ways that women can better advocate for themselves.

– 29:40: Emily’s advice to her younger self.

– 35:45: Career & leadership tips to build on opportunities.

social legacy emily chang

Prior to accepting her CEO role, she took a year off to write a book called The Spare Room, the topic of her first TEDx Talk. The newly published book The Spare Room provides inspiring yet practical guidance on how to live a richly purposeful life by defining your Social Legacy, which you can learn more about here


Emily sits on the board of SOS Children’s Villages and has spoken at select conferences and events, including Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Summit in Hong KongC2 in Montreal, and HATCH.


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Episode 8 | Aligning Your Passions Across Your Life

align your passions cara sabin

Episode 8: Aligning Your Passions Across Your Life

Having the opportunity to align your life passions with your career and various job roles can be a challenge, and is a goal that so many of us strive for. Listen in as Cara Sabin, CEO of Sundial Brands, shares her story and exactly how she managed to do that. You’ll be inspired, challenge, and refreshed along the way! 


  • 3:30: Digging into Cara’s story and journey
  • 6:40: Aligning your passions with your career
  • 9:40: How to evaluate if a career move is the right move for you
  • 11:45: Overcoming challenges in your personal life while staying true to your career. 
  • 14:20: Lessons learned across Cara’s journey
  • 18:10: A defining moment in Cara’s life
  • 21:30: Some encouragement through times of hardship
  • 24:45: Exciting updates going on with Sundial Brands.
  • 29:00: What Cara has learned this year about managing change as a leader.
  • 32:20: Cara’s journey to now sit on various boards and provide service through those positions. 
  • 35:10: Cara’s passions in her free time
align your passions cara sabin

With over 20 years of general management, business strategy, consumer marketing, digital and innovation experience, Cara is currently the CEO of Sundial Brands (owner of brands Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage, Nyakio and Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture). Prior to her current role, she held management positions in prestige beauty, leading Global Marketing for Clinique $1B Makeup and Fragrance portfolio as well as Marketing for NARS Cosmetics’ Americas business.


She is the Vice Chair of the Minority Alumni Advisory Board for Duke University’s Fuqua’s School of Business; Co-founder of 25 Black Women in Beauty; and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc


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Episode 7 | Taking A Leap Of Faith: Create Your Brand, On Your Terms

kim dolan leto creating your brand

Episode 7: Taking A Leap Of Faith: Creating Your Brand, On Your Terms

It’s that time when many of us may start thinking about what our goals, and intentions are for the upcoming year. Some of us may be focusing on self-care, fitness, and health, while others may be taking a hard look at our career ambitions and intentions.


Regardless of the topic, my guest this week, Kim Dolan Leto has some wisdom to share. A best-selling author, speaker, and faith-filled life coach, Kim has carved out her own niche in the fitness industry, all the while, building out her own authentic personal brand. 


  • 3:30: How Kim’s journey and transition first began. 
  • 7:50: What prompted Kim to create her own brand?
  • 12:00: Breaking past the fear of other people’s opinions.
  • 13:55: How Kim built some of her strongest relationships in her life.
  • 16:48: Some tangible tips for listeners who want to improve their health and fitness.
  • 20:20: A quote that Kim tries to live by.
  • 21:40: Kim’s secret sauce to her brand.
  • 24:15: Learn more about Kim’s podcast, and her special gift to you for listening
kim dolan leto creating your brand

Kim holds a BSBA from the University of Arizona, and is a Dale Carnegie trained speaker, with certifications as a Fitness Instructor and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. Her work has been featured on the 700 Club, TBNCBN, FOX, Babbie’s House, ESPN and ABC and published in RelevantOxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness, Success, Faith and Fitness Magazine, Train and many other health, fitness and Christian publications. She was the longstanding Faith and Fitness expert for HIS Radio.


With 20 years in the fitness industry and a lifetime of Jesus working in her, she’s dedicated her life to teaching women to get fit and find confidence– His way.


Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe to the She-Suite Community Podcast below, and we’ll directly send you the links to some of Kim’s free resources and tools. You can also check out Kim’s website here


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Episode 6 | Being An Extraordinary Female Leader: How To Walk Strong, & Own Your Personal Brand

Diane Dietz

Episode 6: Being An Extraordinary Female Leader: How To Walk Strong, & Own Your Personal Brand

My guest this week is Diane Dietz, previous colleague and now the CEO and President of Rodan + Fields. When it comes to leadership, and growing your personal brand… Diane is a wealth of deep, dynamic knowledge that you won’t want to overlook.  


Since stepping into the CEO position with Rodan + Fields, the company has seen unprecedented growth, exceeding $1 billion in sales. Listen as we talk through Diane’s leadership and personal brand journey, how she grew to develop her own authentic voice in the corporate environment, and learned to be comfortable, being uncomfortable.


  • 3:36: How Melissa and Diane first met, and formed a relationship. 
  • 4:00: Diane’s growth journey, and finding her voice in the corporate environment.
  • 8:50: Learn more about Diane’s leadership philosophy, and how it has served her throughout her various career transitions. 
  • 10:40: How to overcome self-doubt as a female in a management position.
  • 12:00: Navigating the balancing act of prioritizing your professional and personal life.
  • 15:01: More about Diane’s personal life and family, and how she manages her daily life.
  • 19:10: How Diane works on setting a vision, and finding inspiration. 
  • 21:45: One of Diane’s most defining life moments.
  • 26:40: Diane’s personal brand and her ‘secret sauce’ for success.
  • 31:25: More about Rodan + Fields, and how it serves and supports women 
Diane Dietz

Prior to Rodan + Fields, Diane was the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Safeway, one of the largest grocers in North America. She was responsible for managing the $38B P&L and all aspects of operations including merchandising, marketing, digital, supply chain and the award-winning private label brands.


Previously, she spent 18 years with Procter & Gamble where she’s credited with the rejuvenation and expansion of the Crest brand franchise. Diane is married, and lives in the Bay Area with two daughters. 


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Episode 5: Protecting Your Wealth and The Power of Purpose Partners

protecting your wealth podcast

Episode 5: Protecting Your Wealth and The Power of Purpose Partners

This week’s guest holds an extra special place in my heart…


A wealth advisor, President of Velvet Suite Financial LLC, and (most importantly) my husband William A. Simkins, joins me this week to cover love and money, and how these two powerful areas of life can intertwine. 


Will has over 20 years of experience in financial services spanning retirement, business planning, life insurance, and more, helping many clients with their long-term financial strategy. 


Tune in as we discuss the challenges and the joys of life partnership, and the struggles that we have endured as a couple. We also dig deep into what it means to have a vision for your value, and how to make investments now that will pay it forward with future stability. 


  • 4:05: Will’s financial mindset (at home and with business) in 2020.
  • 8:10: How to plan for the future and be more money-mindful
  • 10:30: How to make your assets work for you at various stages of life
  • 13:15: Will’s secret sauce to building his successful brand in wealth management
  • 15:20: The challenges that come with purpose partners and aligning with them. 
  • 17:15: Signs that your partnerships & community are truly invested in you. 
  • 22:30: How Will deals with difficult times and reframes his brand. 
  • 26:00: Identity shifts: preparing and adjusting for a life partner. 
  • 30:01: Challenges and changes that Melissa & Will have gone through together as partners. 
protecting your wealth she suite podcast

Will’s career in comprehensive insurance and investment planning began at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in 2001. Simkins found early success in his financial service practice and was recognized as the top in his class for client acquisition. He went on to obtain his Certified Financial Planner Certificate from Virginia Commonwealth University. Soon after, Simkins transitioned to Mass Mutual Financial Group where he achieved the Blue Chip Council (top five percent of Mass Mutual representatives) and Top of the Council as well as received the highest industry award in insurance and financial services through the Million Dollar Round Table.


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Episode 4: Creating an Uncluttered Life and Finding Joy in the Journey

creating an uncluttered life

Episode 4: Creating an Uncluttered Life & Finding Joy in the Journey

Has 2020 left you struggling to get organized… decluttered… or even thinking clearly?


I can certainly relate to that statement. 


Which is why for Episode 4, I teamed up with my friend Rachel Rosenthal, Organizing Expert and Founder of Rachel & Company. Over the past 13 years, Rachel has built out her successful brand and teamed up with partners in the process, such as West Elm, Pottery Barn, and the Container Store. 


Ready to uncover the power of organization, and get to work at uncluttering your life? Let’s dive in. 


  • 3:40: Rachel’s organization journey & how she became an expert. 
  • 6:02: The perseverance of proving the concept and power of organization.
  • 8:10: The power of organization across your life, and how to manage it all. 
  • 10:02: Why organization is a lifestyle and not a quick fix. 
  • 12:40: The importance of giving yourself grace: create the best life for you
  • 14:30: Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s how to start with ONE system, and build on that. 
  • 16:20: The big role of partnerships in organization & working together.
  • 21:05: How Rachel established her brand and platforms across the organizing space. 
  • 25:42: One big tip to take away about building partnerships and relationships that support your brand. 
creating an uncluttered life

Since 2007, Rachel’s firm has worked with 3000+ clients in the DC area and beyond. Rooted in the belief that organization can be achieved by all, Rachel emphasizes solutions that are easy to use and enhance existing aesthetics when working with all clients from individuals’ homes to large corporate offices.  


Combining Rachel’s experience as a mom to identical twins with her decade of organizing experience, the Rachel Rosenthal site and Instagram focus on subjects from organizing with kids, to time management and routines. Her organizing tips and expertise have been seen by millions and in 100+ publications, including Real Simple, Martha Stewart, House Beautiful, The Rachael Ray Show, and local NBC, ABC, and Fox morning shows.



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Episode 3: How To Negotiate So That Everyone Wins (Including You!)

how to negotiate so everyone wins

Episode 3: How To Negotiate So That Everyone Wins

Almost everything in life is a negotiation… so how are your negotiating skills? 

Today’s guest, Ron Shapiro, is an Expert Negotiator, Attorney, Sports Agent, Educator, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Civic Leader. He joins me in Episode 3 to share his simple playbook on how to negotiate for exactly what you want.

Listen as we break down some tips on how you can get your worth, and never sell yourself short.

  • 4:00: How Ron first decided to master the power of negotiation
  • 6:09: Ron’s journey that helped formulate his approach to negotiation
  • 8:15: The systematic approach to negotiating: “The Three P’s”
  • 10:32: A real-life example to help apply “The Three P’s”
  • 14:15: Negotiating across your personal life and relationships
  • 17:30: How to neutralize your emotions during negotiations
  • 20:05: Specific tips for women who many be struggling
  • 23:01: Ron’s ‘Secret Sauce’ 
  • 25:30: Keys on successfully writing your own book 

how to negotiate so everyone wins

Past experiences have shown that the power of nice works for everyone, regardless of their station in life. Ron’s crafted, systematic approach helps to empower others, and create the change that is being sought.


Ron’s four award winning books have received an array of accolades, including recognition on the New York TimesBusiness Week and the Wall Street Journal’s best seller lists. He is frequently referred to by parties representing each side in a negotiation as the ultimate “Win-Win” negotiator. 


Married to his wife, Cathi, they have seven kids and 11 grandchildren. You can read more about Ron Shapiro on his website

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